Tollerton Parish Council

Parish Councils are the most local level of local government and are typically closest to their local community.

In Tollerton we have an active Parish Council committed to enabling community led improvements – including those set by residents through our Communty Plan – and delivering local services to provide for a family friendly village for all generations. 

How the Parish Council Works

The role and powers of Parish Councils are set out in law, funded through council tax from residents.

Our Parish Council manages a small budget to provide local facilities, services and improvements subsidised through local income generation. Whenever possible the Parish Council actively seeks to bring in additional funding and grants to support community improvements plans for the village and in recent years has had success in funding a community gym; active play equipment; war memorial repairs and renovation; interactive play equipment; and the community purchase of the local pub.

Parish Councillors

The Parish Council works with, and for, our community and it represents you.  Parish councillors provide leadership taking a hands on role in local projects and offer local representation for residents about issues of interest or concern, planning decisions and emergency planning for Tollerton.

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Meetings of the Parish council

Decision making in a Parish Council is undertaken in open and transparent public meetings of Parish Councillors.  Residents and members of the public are welcomed and encouraged to attend the Parish Council’s meetings which typically take place once a month. 

An agenda of the issues to be discussed at each meeting is published on the Parish Council noticeboard outside the parish rooms and on the Parish Council Website approximately one week before every meeting.  Minutes of the decisions made are published in the same places following the meeting.

There is an opportunity at every meeting for residents to raise new issues with the parish council for consideration at a future meeting – or residents can speak to a parish councillor in advance and ask them to raise an issue on their behalf.

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Doing business with the Council

To provide facilities and services for Tollerton the parish council occasionally contracts for work from other public bodies and businesses.  This can be for one off purchases such new play equipment or repairs to property or for ongoing contracts for services such as grass cutting or maintenance of the village planters.

The Parish Council follows an agreed set of rules for procurement and contracting to obtain best value for local residents.

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Parish Council Policies

The way that the Parish Council works and its approach to important matters such as safeguarding and risk management are set out in policies that are published on the Parish Council website.

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