Working for Tollerton

Our Parish Council, the Community Trust and Flying Club

As well as the many clubs and groups contributing to village life in Tollerton there are three key organisations working for and on behalf of our residents:

  • the Parish Council
  • the Community Trust
  • the Flying Club

Tollerton Parish Council

Our community plans don’t deliver themselves and so many of our village improvements are enabled by our active parish council.

Parish councillors provide leadership taking a hands on role in local projects and offer local representation for residents about issues of interest or concern, planning decisions and emergency planning for Tollerton.

The Parish Council also has a small budget to provide local facilities and services.  The Parish Council works with, and for, our community and it represents you. Find out more about the Parish Council.

Tollerton Community Trust

The community trust was established in 2016 and exists for the benefit of the residents of Tollerton.

It organises community events, provides services and community businesses all organised by members of our community.

There are two formal parts to the Tollerton Community Trust:

  • the Tollerton Flying Club – a community businesses that owns the Air Hostess pub.  The business is owned and run by shareholders for the benefit of the community, with any resident able to purchase shares and vote at its AGM.
  • the Community Trust – a charitable incorporated organisation* that helps support the community to achieve its charitable aims and priorities. It support fundraising and local causes. Grant aid is available for groups in Tollerton through the Community Trust. The parish council provides the Trust with a grant to distribute to support community activity in Tollerton.  How to Apply.

The Flying Club and Community Trust are managed independently of the Parish Council – though parish councillors can serve on their management committees. More information on their work can be found on their public website –

Community Business

Annual Parish Meeting

In addition to opportunities for residents to become involved at the AGMs of the Flying Club and Community Trust, every parish must hold a Parish Meeting between 1st March and 1st June.

The meeting is open to electors from Tollerton and provides an opportunity to find out more about the work undertaken during the previous 12 months and to get involved with new projects.

The Annual Parish Meeting usually includes a guest speaker on a topical subject of local interest. Past talks have included how to get involved with the restoration of the Grantham Canal that runs through the Parish, stories of Tollerton History and the work of the Tollerton History Group and more recently the sale of the Air Hostess pub and setting up of a Community Business.

(*registration pending)