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Within Tollerton parish a significant area of land has been allocated for the future expansion of the greater Nottingham conurbation.

The site was allocated by Rushcliffe Borough Council in 2014 in a document known as the Local Plan and is enitrely within the parish of Tollerton. It covers an area from the Grantham Canal that includes the airfield and fields up to the out skirts of the historic end of the village.

The Local Plan was agreed by Rushcliffe Councillors despite significant oppostion from local residents, TABU a local campaign group and the Parish Council.

The following direct extracts provide some context of what has already been agreed by Rushcliffe:

Within Tollerton and to the north of the village a “mixed-use development including around 2,500 dwellings up to 2028, up to a further 1,500 homes post 2028, around 20 hectares of employment development, a neighbourhood centre and other community facilities as appropriate.

The design and layout of the proposal will be determined through a masterplanning process. The final design, layout and quantum of development shall take full account of heritage assets and their setting.

The development shall be appropriately phased to take into account provision of necessary infrastructure, including improvements to the highway along the A52(T) and public transport network.

Tollerton Future Development

What happens before spades in the ground?

The first houses were expected on the site in 2018/19 and whilst these didn’t materialise a number of planning processes have been commenced that influence how the site will be developed, they include:

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Master Planning
  • Outline Planning
  • Tollerton Neighbourhood Planning

Community Infrastructure Levy

In March 2019 Rushcliffe Borough Council introduced a national scheme called the Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL.

CIL is a charge that local authorities collect on new developments in their area. The funds are expected to contribute to the cost of infrastructure within the area covered by the Rushcliffe Local Plan.

It is based on a published transparent formula relating to the type and size of development and is collected when planning permissions for new developments are granted.

Most importantly for local communities an amount of the levy is passed to the local parish council to spend on local facilites needed by residents.

In 2019 Rushcliffe Borough Council agreed that the site in Tollerton would be the only part of Rushcliffe where no CIL would be collected. Tollerton Parish Council objected to this exemption all the way to the planning inspector but it means that

  • Infrastructure costs for the site will be negotiated directly with the land owners and developers. The local community, parish council and neighbourhood plan steering group do not have a seat at the table for those negotiations
  • The local community will not directly receive money for local needs and infrastructure as they would have done under CIL.


Master Planning

Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments. A final Master plan would be expected to include proposals for a site’s design and layout,  transportation, community facilities, and land use.

It is also expected to set out the phasing for development and ensure that key infrastructure requirements are met.

Rushcliffe’s Local Plan requires the site in Tollerton to have a master plan.



In October 2020 Taylor Wimpey and Barwood Land commenced a master planning process for the site. Master Plans can be based on public input, surveys, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions.

The process is being led by developers who control around half of the site and includes a relatively short three week public consultation.

The developers will then finalise the master plan for the whole site and bring forward a planning application for their part of the site in keeping with the overall master plan.

The initial response of the Parish Council to the master plan proposals was published here and further advice is due to be provided to residents in early November 2020.


Outline Planning

The site was allocated by Rushcliffe Borough Council in 2014 in a document known as the Local Plan, but specific planning permission is needed before any construction takes place on the site.

Planning applications are made to Rushcliffe Borough Council. Since the Local Plan was agreed planning permission has been granted for a private hospital and the Monarch factory/warehouse on the airfield.

At October 2020 no application had been made or approved for housing on the site.

In October Taylor Wimpey and Barwood Land indicated their intention to bring forward an outline planning application for around half the site in December 2020.

This is expected to provide more detail of the numbers and types of houses and specific locations for them.

Consultation on the planning application will be led by Rushcliffe Borough Council following receipt of any application.

If the application made is “outline” then it will need to be followed by a further “detailed application” in 2021 which would include things such as brick type of housing, landscaping etc and this would be subject to further consultation.


Expected timeline and opportunities to comment

  • November 2020 – Master Planning of the overall site, infrastructure and its fit with the landscape – being led by some of the landowners who are consulting residents
  • December 2020 – Outline planning application expected to be made by Taylor Wimpey and Barwood Land. Rushcliffe Borough Council will consult on the application.
  • 2021 – Detailed or full planning application expected. Rushcliffe Borough Council will consult on the application.


Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan

A neighbourhood plan is a legal document that will help Tollerton to shape future land use until 2030, including the relationship between the existing village, homes and the new housing developments. It can not overide the Local Plan but provides the opportunity for the community to agree  additional detail.

The formal process to develop a plan takes several years and is already underway in Tollerton. It won’t be completed before the master planning or outline planning application is submitted but the evidence and emerging policies may be used to influence these processes.

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