Doing business with the Council

To provide facilities and services for Tollerton the parish council will occasionally contract for work.

If you are interested in applying for contracts to supply the council with good, materials or services then the following information will be of interest. The council will seek value for money in all contracts. In Tollerton this means consideration of:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Social value (ie. does the contract further Tollerton’s priorities and/or support the local economy/employment)

The Process

  1. The Council will make available an agreed specification for good or services.
  2. Interested business will be invited to complete the Council’s tender form stating how they proposed to satisfy the specification, demonstrating quality, price and social value.
  3. The Council will usually seek three similar competitive quotes before contracting for work.

Businesses looking to work with the Council should consider a range of availability – and discuss these with the Council in advance of the tender deadline. The Council will be able to advise of the timetable for awarding the contract which may vary dependent on the value of the contract being sought.