Improving Tollerton

Tollerton Manor

Our plans for the future

Tollerton is an ambitious resident led village with bold ideas for the future.

Our community plan sets out what we are trying to achieve and our emerging neighbourhood plan will map this to future land use and the relationship between the existing village and new housing developments.

Our community has some big challenges and opportunities for the future – find out more about the housing developments within Tollerton – and we have two plans for the future:

Our Character, Heritage and Conservation Strategy helps to maintain and enhance the identity and rural characteristics of Tollerton and our Community Identity Policy supports this through the use of consistency of colours, planting and ‘street furniture.’ The parish council apply this to any purchases and maintenance work in the village.

Outside organisation serving Tollerton and its residents – such as public and private sector funders, commissioners and providers and local authorities – are asked to support our parish plan and have regard to Tollerton’s outcomes, priorities and policies and community identity policy when taking decisions that affect our parish, village and residents.