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Tollerton is a rural village surrounded by farmland with views of open countryside, hills and woodland. Situated 4 miles south of Nottingham in the rural area of Rushcliffe, Tollerton is home to the 15th Century Tollerton Hall.

  • Our community has a rich history and heritage
  • With some big challenges and opportunities from future housing needs
  • And you can help us with our ambitious plans to meet them

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Our website is provided to support village life and the sense of community in Tollerton. It can be used to get involved with our neighbourhood plan, find out more about the Parish Council and other local events.

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Annual Report from the Parish Council

The Parish Council presented its annual report to residents at the Scout Hut on Wednesday 10 May 2023, as part of the Annual Parishioners’ Meeting.  (…)

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Coronation Street Party

The Parish Council would like to congratulate the Tollerton Village Fayre team, The Air Hostess pub, volunteers and all involved in the planning who worked extremely hard to pull together the amazing Coronation Street Party for the village – a celebration we will never forget! (…)

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Make a Change and become a Councillor – Local elections 4th May 2023

Are you interested in representing the views of your community and would like to be involved in making decisions about Tollerton and its amenities? (…)

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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (R14)

The Council launched a regulation 14 consultation at the Annual Parishioners meeting on 4 May.


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Under the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 we publish our unaudited – sections 1 and 2 of the 2022/23 Annual Governance and Accountability Return. (…)

Tollerton Parish Council Election

Statement of persons nominated for the election to Tollerton Parish Council. (…)


Improving Tollerton

Tollerton is an ambitious resident led village with bold ideas for the future. Our community plan sets out what we are trying to achieve and our emerging neighbourhood plan will map this to future land use and the relationship between the existing village and new housing developments.

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Working for Tollerton

Our plans don’t deliver themselves and so our improvements are enabled by our active parish council which also provides representation of local issues and priorities. The community trust is a local charity that helps support the community.

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Village Life in Tollerton

Residents and visitors will find an abundance of facilities within the village from meeting rooms to playgrounds, floodlit five a side and a skate park. Tollerton has a thriving voluntary sector with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

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Businesses and local services

Our businesses and local services are important parts of our community. Tollerton has a great village pub, two churches, village centre shops and a post office. We also have two thriving business centres and many other locally based businesses, servicing local needs and beyond.

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