Tollerton Neighbourhood Development Plan

Tollerton Manor

The Parish Council started the formal process to develop a neighbourhood development plan for Tollerton in 2016, following the examples of Keyworth, East Leake and Radcliffe.

The neighbourhood plan is a legal document that will help Tollerton to shape future land use until 2030, including the relationship between the existing village, homes and the new housing developments.

The formal process to develop a plan is expected to take around 18 – 24 months and includes consultation, legal examination of the draft plan and a referendum of the community to approve it. 97% of residents responding to the Parish Plan consultation supported the development of a neighbourhood plan for Tollerton and the Parish Council had taken the first step of notifying Rushcliffe Borough Council of te area that the plan should cover.

There are a number of stages that the neighbourhood plan has to go through before it can be completed. These are listed below. Residents interested in getting involved are encouraged to get in touch by emailing us

1. Consult on starting a plan – Spring 2016
– Support of 97% of respondents
– Parish plan priorities for Tollerton refreshed and updated
2. Designate plan area  – Summer / Autumn 2016
– Parish council applied to Rushcliffe for all of Tollerton parish to be included in the plan area
– Neighbourhood plan area ‘designated’ by Rushcliffe Borough Council
3. Detailed consultation – Spring 2017
– consultation on community views and preferences for what should be included in the plan launched on 1 March concluding in June 2017
– 300 responses were received and these are being evaluated to inform the drafting of the plan.
– 180 responses were also made to the Rushcliffe consultation on new housing sites / changes to the green belt
4. Draft neighbourhood plan for Tollerton (Summer – Autumn 2017)
– Evidence base being developed and supporting studies undertaken to inform the drafting of the plan
– Landowner contributions sought through a “Call for sites” made in August 2017
5. Statutory 6 week consultation on draft plan (Winter 2017)
6. Review by Rushcliffe Borough Council
7. Independent Examination
8. Referendum
9. Adoption by Rushcliffe Borough Council



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