Tollerton Community Plan

Our parish plan setting out our priorities and policies for Tollerton

Tollerton Environment

Our community plan sets out of three priority outcomes for Tollerton:

1. Rural characteristics of the village are protected and enhanced including:

  • Open space and views
  • Our access to the countryside and the footpath network
  • The attractiveness of our village
  • Safe roads and flowing traffic

2. Village life and sense of community is protected and enhanced including:

  • The involvement and enthusiasm of residents
  • Very low levels of crime
  • Village event, community activities and groups
  • Activities for children and young people

3. Existing facilities are protected and enhanced – these are very important and fundamental to village life, including:

  • The pub, post office, shops, business units in the village, farms and restaurants,
  • The school & playgroup, open space, allotments, and meeting rooms
  • Our unique heritage, the hall, churches, pillboxes and railway etc
  • Transport links to other communities and other services coming into Tollerton

Five priority areas for Tollerton have been identified to address specific issues of importance to residents and implement our plan. These are supported by a small number of policy statements. The Parish Council works with residents, groups and businesses to develop specific actions for the following five priority areas:
Priority Area A – Village Centre
Priority Area B – Old Village
Priority Area C – Open Space
Priority Area D – Village Boundaries
Priority Area E – Tollerton Park and Airport (Strategic Allocation Site)

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