We need to hear your views on our emerging policies for future land use and development in Tollerton.

We are working with residents to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan will shape any development which comes forward within the parish and identify the issues most important to the community.

Planning policies within the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan will make sure that these issues are reflected in decisions on local planning applications.

We are seeking views on the emerging policies to be included in the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan to make sure that they reflect what matters most to Tollerton’s residents and how the best things about the parish can be protected whilst making the most of the opportunities presented by development.


1. Find out about the Emerging Policies

We have published an Emerging Policies Report to provide a summary of what the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan will aim to achieve.

It sets out a draft Vision and Objectives. It also introduces a series of draft planning policy outlines. These provide an overview of what each policy will aim to achieve and we want to check we have got it right before moving on to the next stage.

Alongside the draft policies are draft aspirations. These aspirations deal with matters which do not relate to planning permission and therefore cannot be covered by planning policies. For example, supporting independent businesses is really important locally but cannot be achieved through the approval or refusal of a planning application

Download and view a copy of the Emerging Policies Report here

A paper copy will also be sent to all homes within the parish.

Aerial view of Tollerton

2. Comment on the Consultation

We want to know what you think about the ideas set out in the Emerging Policies Report.

Do you think the right priorities have been identified? Have we missed anything you feel is important? Do you agree or disagree with the vision and objectives? We have included some questions to get you thinking throughout this document, you can answer some or all of them.

Choose the questions most appropriate to you, you can answer all of them or skip to the ones most important to you:

 You have until 15 March 2021 to let us know your views.


Other ways to comment

In these difficult times we would prefer to receive most responses online but recognise that this will not suit everyone, so you can also fill in and drop off responses to the survey at one of the following locations:

  • Tollerton Parish Council Post Box at Tollerton Parish Rooms, Burnside Grove, Tollerton, NG12 4EB
  • Tollerton Post Office

Or post to Tollerton Parish Rooms, Burnside Grove, Tollerton, NG12 4EB

Or email to yoursay@asktollerton.uk


Find out more about Plans for Tollerton

More information on Plans for Tollerton, local challenges and neighbourhood planning can be found throughout our website.

You can also find examples of Neighbourhood Plans on the Rushcliffe Website.


3. Gamston Fields

Until the middle of February you can also comment on the Gamston Fields Planning Application. This is a separate consultation on the Rushcliffe Borough Council website and relates to new homes, schools and local facilities being planned to the north of the village.