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Do the Gamston Fields Proposals protect land in Tollerton from further development?

The site between the Grantham Canal and village is the only land in Tollerton that was included in the Rushcliffe Local Plan for development in 2014.

The Local Plan is intended to cover the period until 2028 with development focused on the sites set out in the Local Plan. However if insufficient progress is made delivering new housing then additional sites can be granter planning permission.


Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2

In 2017 with new housing in Rushcliffe not progressing as quickly as expected, Rushcliffe Borough Council started a new process for additional sites to make up a shortfall in the number of new housing it needed.

Despite the 2014 Local Plan including 4000 houses in Tollerton, the 2017 process looked at proposals for more housing in the village

These were opposed by Tollerton Residents and eventually rejected due to insufficient local infrastructure to support the expansion of the village – eg a shortage of places at Tollerton School.

This process ended in 2019 when Rushcliffe Borough Council adopted “Part 2 of the Local Plan” which included additional sites for development around the Borough.


Greater Nottinghamshire Plan

These sites could to be offered again in any further review of the Local Plan and were put forward by local land owners as part of a wider “Greater Nottinghamshire” housing consultation for longer term sites earlier in 2020.

 Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan - Growth Options Consultation (July 2020)

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – Growth Options Consultation (July 2020)

More details on this consultation can be found here.

The response of the parish council can also be viewed here.

In this context we consider it important that Tollerton continues to develop a Neighbourhood Plan to set out future land use in the Parish and the opportunities for green, open and wild space.