As part of the Active Tollerton Project, the Open Space finally has a toilet.


Residents and users of the open space have told us that the lack of toilet facilities has been a barrier to greater use of the park and community football.  Installing a toilet was one of the priorities included in the Tollerton Community Plan and has now been completed through the active Tollerton project after successful grant applications for funding from the Local Improvement Fund and the Football Foundation.


Why a compost toilet?

Being on the fringe of the village the Open Space has limited provision for running water and restrictions from underground pipelines that make it difficult to install a standard toilet block. 

The compost toilet does not need anything added at the time of use (unlike some toilets which require sawdust), so they are simple to use.  The compost toilet is water, chemical and electricity free

In addition to the accessible toilet there is also a separate urinal that works as part of the composting system.


Watch how it works

How to use the compost toilet

The toilet will be open for use during day light hours as part of the normal opening of the Open Space.

Please help us to look after the toilet and keep it clean.  To keep the toilet working please do not place nappies, wipes or other non biodegradable materials in the toilet – please use the adjacent bin for these.


Active Tollerton Project

The toilet has been installed as part of a wider package of works to remove the old changing rooms which were at end of life and were not fit for purpose.  New storage has been provided as part of a re-modelling of the available space and further work will be undertaken to finish the surfacing around both facilities.

Replacing the changing rooms to the necessary standard would require more space and funding than is currently available. Whilst changing rooms are not being provided at the current time, this will be reviewed should demand change and/or additional land become available.