Its that time of the year again when children – and the odd parent – dress up as ghosts, ghouls and goblins to scare their friends and neighbours into contributing to their bag of goodies.

Follow the Pumpkin Code

Tollerton Pumpkin Code

Trick or treating witches and werewolfs can be expected to visit on Halloween on Wednesday 31 October, but only if you follow our successful voluntary pumpkin code for trick or treating:

  • If you would like your house to be visited please indicate this by leaving a pumpkin, scary sign or candles visible for trick or treaters. Remember you’ll need to have something for your ghostly guests…
  • If you are trick or treating you should only visit friends or neighbours who are expecting you or houses showing a pumpkin, scary sign or candles.
  • Remember to take extra care crossing the road, never to trick or treat on your own and no matter how kind the host, you should always wait outside.