The Parish Council has agreed its budget and precept for 2021-22.The budget is part of the Council’s financial plan from 2020 – 2023 which provides funding to deliver improvements requested by residents and to support the actions set out in the Parish Plan.

For 2020/21 the Parish Council budget will be £90,124 with a Precept of £65,824, this is equivalent to a contribution of £80.98 per band D property in Tollerton.

Funding for the Parish Council from the precept will increase in 2021/22 by £3,074 with monies going into more responsive maintenance services to look after the upkeep of the village, investment in improved Christmas lights and managing increasing overheads (such as playground safety inspections, insurance and office costs).

The change is equivalent to £3.68 per household, or 31p a month or 7p a week.

The Parish Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan 2020-23 can be viewed here – 2020BudgetandMTFP

Budget for 2021-22