The Parish Council would like to say a huge thank you to all Tollerton residents for the way that they have adjusted to unprecedented crisis of coronavirus. 

Fortunately, in Tollerton there have been no deaths directly related to the virus but it continues to bring significant challenges to daily life and the activities of the village.  Thank you to:

  • Our residents for getting on with it as best you can, following the government guidelines and being considerate for other residents and neighbours
  • Our Tollerton volunteers. We had an overwhelming response of volunteers to help support our community and we continue to do this – if you are isolating and need shopping, prescription collections, dog walking or just a chat call: 0115 937 5584 or email: – happy to help!
  • Our local businesses and Tollerton school supporting the community and children through difficult circumstances
  • The wider public services – and the role many of our residents and key workers are playing in them

For anyone concerned about Covid-19, please visit for the latest advice.

The great non street, street party for VE Day

What a great community celebration in the village – bunting, music, period dress, quizzes – but perhaps most importantly an opportunity to see friends and neighbours whilst still ‘staying home’

One party even had live music going door to door (is the rumour true that “Sedg-Fest” is going to become an annual event?)

Well done to everyone keeping spirits high, joining in on the (social distancing) front garden afternoon tea and commemorating VE Day.