With last summer too hot for many plants, the new flowers planted this spring are thriving and we’ll shortly be installing two new benches in Tollerton. 

As part of our work to improve Tollerton through the Tollerton Community Plan the Parish Council  increased the daffodil planting throughout the village over winter and installed new flower beds on some of our grassy corners.

The Parish Council as an adopter of the Good Verge Guide from Plantlife has based the planting on the wild flowers around the edges of the village to bring the feel of the countryside into our community and contribute to our priority to ‘enhance the attractiveness of our village’

Over the next few weeks we will also be installing two new benches for residents to sit an enjoy the views from Cotgrave Road and Tollerton Lane, and to help more elderly residents get around the village.


Wildflowers are typically low maintenance and each flowerbed is set a full mower’s width back from the road edge to maintain appropriate visability.  As this is the first year for the flowers we will be carrying out some limited pruning so that we can monitor growth and plan the right maintenance for next year based on the different growth rates of the different beds.  This may also involve moving some of the flowers around where growth has been strongest to maintain visability.

Parking on Burnside Grove

Whilst parking on some of the corners seems to have reduced now the flowers are growing, we know that parking remains an issue on Burnside Grove.  We are working with Highways colleagues to look at what could be done and we will be consulting residents and school users on some options to address this in the Autumn.