Please help make our village safer for residents by signing our petition.

Residents have asked the Parish Council to support them in lowering some village speed limits for safety reasons and to reflect the rural nature of the village. The pedestrian path along the 40mph Tollerton Lane section is too narrow for vehicles to pass at this speed and drivers don’t always notice the road returns to 30mph either side and continue to travel through at 40mph.

There are several properties located along the 60mph section of the unlit Cotgrave Lane, which with the volume of traffic using Cotgrave Lane ever increasing, find it difficult to exit driveways with the high-speed traffic whizzing by and many residents’ again cycle/walk along this section of road which is concerning with fast passing vehicles and darker winter evenings.

Residents call on Nottinghamshire County Council to improve road safety by:

  1. Reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on Tollerton Lane between Medina Drive and the S bend.
  2. Reducing the section of speed limit that’s unlit 60mph to 40mph on Cotgrave Lane.

Some residents are also concerned about the speed limit on the residential part of Cotgrave Road and we would like to know if you also support reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph

Please visit: to sign our petition online.

Or you can email your yes/no replies to the speed limit reductions to: .