Villagers in Tollerton are celebrating after completing the purchase of the Air Hostess pub

On Monday 2 March, Tollerton Flying Club Limited – a community business set up by the Parish Council and Tollerton Community Trust – completed the purchase of the Air Hostess from Everards Brewery.

The buy out of the pub has been funded by local residents and well wishers from further afield through a community share offer atttracting over 370 micro investors. The Parish Council has also put 50% of the funding in to help keep this important community facility open.

The Air Hostess is now owned by Tollerton Flying Club

Pub saved by community

Thirsty residents will not have long to wait for the first pint to be pulled. The Flying Club aim to have the pub re-opened before the school Easter holidays commence, with award winning licencees Mark and Rachael Hughes at the helm.

Before then residents and share holders can expect to see the decorators in as the pub gets a refresh ready for opening. The Flying Club also have ambitious plans to impove the pub which are due to start shortly.

Councillor Mark Law, Vice Chair of the Parish Council commented “Saving the pub has been the most talked about subject in the village for the last year. It has been the number one priority for the Parish Council and we’re thrilled to have landed the sale.”

“The pub has been closed for the last couple of months and you can see the impact that it is having in the community. The Air Hostess is more than just a pub and everyone is looking forward to getting back in there”

Chairman of Tollerton Parish Council and Tollerton Flying Club, Matt Garrard said, “We’re delighted to now be the official owners of The Air Hostess. Thank you to all the residents of Tollerton who put their faith in the Flying Club committee and raised such a phenomenal amount of money to save our pub.”

“Thank you also to Everards and all the recent tenants and staff of the Air Hostess – we will continue and build on your recent stewardship of the pub.”

More shares

With the pub saved by the community the Flying Club have launched an open share offer – an ongoing opportunity for residents and people moving into Tollerton to become members of the club and contribute to the upkeep of the Air Hostess: