At the Annual Council Meeting held in May, Matt Garrard was re-elected Chairman and Claire Dul Vice-Chair of the Parish Council for 2021-22.

The Annual Council meeting is the formal start of the Parish Council (or municipal) year. At the meeting Councillors reflect on the year just ended, the needs of residents and plans and leadership for the year ahead.  The Council’s Annual Report was considered at the meeting and is available to read here.

As life in Tollerton hopefully regains some form of normality in 2021, the Parish Council will be looking to make further improvements from the Parish Plan; build on the community spirit and sense of place developed through the pandemic and saving of the Air Hostess; and support residents in recovery from the pandemic, acting on the findings of future needs survey carried out earlier this year.

In addition to the election of Matt and Claire as Chairman and Vice-Chair, councillors also agreed to delegate to planning of the following activity to three working groups to drive further improvements and lead on:

  • Active Tollerton Working Group: increasing opportunities for all ages and families to access sport, exercise, play and healthy lifestyles in Tollerton. The Group will focus on facilities and increased club use of the Open Space including improvements to access and security, replacement of the changing rooms and the provision of toilets. Chair Ross Cox
  • Your Tollerton Working Group: focusing on the village centre as a hub for village life and the needs of residents in pandemic recovery. The Group will focus on facilities and infrastructure needs in the village centre, support for business and pop up shops, faster broadband and the improvement of the village centre including parking and traffic.  Chair Matt Garrard
  • Greener Tollerton Working Group: planning a sustainable future as an attractive rural village . The Group will focus on completion of the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan; influencing the development of the North of Tollerton / East of Gamston Strategic Urban Extension (Tollerton Airport / ‘Gamston Fields’); working with residents campaign groups; and promoting green energy and wildlife in the village. Chair Peter Foale

Tollerton has really come together as a rural community over the last two years. We aim to build on that and ensure that Tollerton has the right facilities and services to support active and engaging village life as we emerge from the pandemic.

Matt Garrard, Chairman of the Parish Council