Whilst Coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives, we’ve started to look towards the future.

In early May the Prime Minister launched the first phase of a national recovery plan, setting out how the country would continue to respond to coronavirus but also how we would start to move on and plan for ‘recovery’. In Nottinghamshire and now in Tollerton this work has commenced at a local level.

On 13 May the Parish Council held its first ever online meeting.  For many of us conference and video calling may now feel very familiar, but for a Council following rules set by Acts of Parliament it required a change in the law to enable us to meet this way!

In addition to co-ordinating volunteer support for those shielding and/or self isolating, the Parish Council has agreed an initial plan looking at how we can:

  • Get services and groups back up and running
  • Support residents, groups and businesses to recover, change or find opportunities from the crisis
  • Progress the improvements and actions that are important to Tollerton residents – our Community Plan.

All dependent upon Government guidance allowing us to do so.  We’ll be communicating more on this over the coming weeks and months, and looking to understand more of what the community needs to recover.  Thhe plans include:

Active Tollerton

With changes to Government guidance enabling more exercise and sport we’ll be publishing some ideas for where you walk, run and cycle that you might not have considered in more normal times.  We’d welcome ideas, routes and write ups from residents that we can share on facebook or even publish on some of the notice boards.

We’ll also be making the case for Tollerton to get a share of new Government funding for cycling towards a link to the Grantham Canal or Edwalton.

Daffodil Bulb Planting

Does anything say spring more than the appearance of daffodils?  Over the last few years we’ve increased the areas planted with daffodils and are seeking your views on where to plant next?

Not only that we would like your help in planting them on a village daffodil day/weekend to be organised around November.

We’re buying 2000 daffodil bulbs – the equivalent of one per person and business in Tollerton – for planting later in the year. 

The details are being planned and we would like to hear from you on where you think are good planting spots around the village – please email: parishcouncil@tollertonparishcouncil.gov.uk.

Can we help your business?

We know that times are also hard for business and nobody wants to see local shops and services closing down and job losses.  Get in touch to let us know how you’re fairing and any particular issues you may be experiencing, whether its trying to manage social distancing for employees and customers or just getting the word out that you are open/reopening.

If we can help we’ll do what we can or help to find someone who can…