A new community consultation has been launched to determine future land use in Tollerton.  Tollerton is expected to expand by 4000 houses over the next 20 years and there are options for further housing on green belt within the village.

Residents are now being given the opportunity to have a say on how the village should develop and what facilities and infrastructure will be needed across Tollerton to support this growth.  Their views will be used to develop a new Neighbourhood Plan for Tollerton which will be put to the community to agree through a referendum.

Aerial view of Tollerton

 “Tollerton residents told us that they would like to have more of a say in planning decisions affecting our community.  Our consultation is running for 12 weeks alongside the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2 consultation, but gives residents the chance to have a much more detailed say on the future for Tollerton.


Every house will be receiving a copy of the survey and we would encourage everyone to comment and help us plan for the growth of our community”  Tollerton Parish Council

Tollerton Parish Council started the formal process to develop a Neighbourhood Plan last year by asking Rushcliffe Borough Council to designate the whole of the parish of Tollerton as a “neighbourhood plan area”. Other villages such as Keyworth and Radcliffe are already working on similar plans.

The new Plan must fit with the Rushcliffe Borough Council Local Plan and cannot overrule the housing growth that has already been agreed so it is inevitable that significant new development will occur within Tollerton.  This is currently expected to be 4000 homes in the area sometimes referred to as East of Gamston that forms part of Tollerton.

If approved by Tollerton residents through a referendum, the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan will have legal force and developers and local authority planners will have to take notice of it. The Neighbourhood Plan is likely to focus on ensuring that there are appropriate facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future residents and protecting the identity of the existing village.

The survey runs until 26 May.

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