Sites for up to 600 additional homes in the village of Tollerton have been included in a new consultation from Rushcliffe Borough Council.  New housing in Rushcliffe is not progressing as quick as expected across the borough and so the Borough Council is looking for additional sites to make up a shortfall in the number of new housing it needs to deliver.

Views of Hoe Hill - one of the proposed sites for 600 new houses in Tollerton

Views of Hoe Hill – one of the proposed sites for 600 new houses in Tollerton


The rural village of Tollerton currently has just over 800 homes and is already expected to provide 4000 new homes on former green belt land.  The three new sites within the village are proposed for:

  • East of Tollerton Lane – up to 50 homes
  • West of Tollerton Lane and North of Medina Drive – up to 360 homes
  • Behind Burnside Grove – up to 180 homes

To find out more about the new options and make your views known:

A Plan for Tollerton

Last year residents told the parish council that they would like us to have a stronger voice in local planning matters and so the parish council started the formal process to develop a neighbourhood plan.  Your parish council will be consulting on how you think that the parish should develop from March to May. 

The consultation will provide an ‘evidence base’ to develop a more local plan for Tollerton.  It can not be used to stop land use (or houses) agreed in the Rushcliffe local plan but it can be used to shape how that land is used.  Importantly it can be used to demonstrate what facilities might be needed to support new housing growth in Tollerton – and once agreed developers and council planners will have to take notice of it.  So it  is important to respond to both consultations.

Information about the neighbourhood plan will be on display in the Parish Rooms from late February and can be viewed at the Rushcliffe drop in session on 2 March.  Look out for our Tollerton survey — a copy will be sent to every household – and more information on the parish council website

Green Belt Review

Rushcliffe Borough Council are also consulting on changes to the green belt and the introduction of a community infrastructure levy.