With the new games area on the Open Space coming this autumn the Parish Council is also investing in improvements to access to the playground and the car park.

Improving access to the Open Space was identified as an action within the Tollerton Parish Plan and as part of the current construction works the car park is being levelled and resurfaced with new railings to replace the previous concrete bollards. With the new games area blocking the previous vehicle access onto the open space, the fencing will have a secure removable section to provide a replacement secondary access to the open space for occasions where it is necessary to get vehicles onto the field such as the annual village fayre.

Additional tarmac is also being laid to link the car park to the playground and games area. Not only will this save residents from walking across the grass in winter months, it will improve access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The gate from the new games area will lead directly onto the new tarmac rather than straight into the car park.

Extra stone has also been placed on the approach road and a new replacement gate for the car park will be used to secure the car park and improve security after dark. Maintenance work will also be carried out on the floodlights which can be used to access the games area after dark up until 9pm.