The Parish Council has been asked by residents to investigate whether any historical walking rights exist on the paths near the Decennial / Horseshoe woods.

Many residents use the paths around the Decennial / Horseshoe woods and the brook near Tollerton Hall for recreation and / or dog walking. But most people don’t know that since 1998 any use of these paths has been at the landowners discretion.

How to register a historic access right

Historic access rights may have existed prior to this and to demonstrate this at least 20 statements would be needed from users of these paths.  The statements would have to show 20 years of use prior to 1998. So if you walked here undisturbed from 1977—1998 you could help by getting in touch with the parish council

historic access rights

The area of interest to residents is shown as a Red circular route on the map above plus access via

  • green route from public footpath along the brook
  • purple from Cotgrave Road
  • blue from Tollerton Road

If you walked any or all of these routes undisturbed from 1977—1998, please fill out this Right of Way Evidence form.

Completed forms can be returned  to the Parish Council. If users of these paths can provide evidence of continuous use then the parish council will be able to look at further action to agree future access.