Tollerton Parish Council are looking for help with a gardening role to improve the look of the village. 

Tollerton residents have told us that they want to live in an attractive rural village and over the last couple of years we’ve made lots of improvements including bulb planting, establishing new wildflower beds and renovating and replacing planters all round the village. 
As a village we’re committed to supporting wildlife, diversity and pollinators. We’ve adopted Plant life's wildflower verge policy and linked this through into the village by creating  ‘pollinator patches’ of wildflowers. We are also a founding signatory to the Tree Charter and are working to preserve and grow the trees in the parish. 
We are now looking for an experienced gardener who shares our commitment to an attractive rural village and can help maintain and grow the investments that we have made.
You will be self employed with your own tools. Typical tasks will include: - looking after village planters including planting, dead headings, weeding and watering - looking after our wildflowers giving them their annual cut, removing out of place flowers, maintaining visibility on the road and keeping the grass around them tidy - weeding and planting at the Open Space especially around the car park - planting improvements in the village centre (possibly to include community pub) - some mowing of Burnside Grove and ‘Lenton circus’ to improve the look of tree whole road - grass scraping to restore pavement widths making them safer and more accessible for younger and older residents - bulb planting
Expressions of interest are invited to the Executive Officer by Monday 4 November 19 - email: