On Sunday 16 February roads and properties in Tollerton were flooded for the third time in three months after heavy overnight rain.

Rainwater flooded parts of Tollerton Lane and Cotgrave Lane which were eventually closed to traffic. When combined with a road closure for resurfacing works, residents in old Tollerton were practically cut off.

Residents’ homes were flooded with water gushing into properties along both lanes in the early hours of the morning.

A review from the flooding last November is still ongoing and residents are looking for urgent solutions so that life can return to normal.

Tollerton Parish Council are backing their request and commented:

“The flooding is greater than last time. Water is pooling in the street and it has no where to escape except into residents homes. Passing cars make this worse by washing the flood water over the sand bags”

“Cotgrave Lane is like one long causeway with deep water flowing across it and around the houses”

“After weeks of drying out their homes these residents are back to square one. “

“Action is needed now to make their homes safe.”