Cotgrave Lane towards the airport.  

We need your help – we’ve had several residents contact us about the long-established footpath from Cotgrave Lane towards the Airport now being blocked off to the public 

Most public rights of way have come into existence by way of presumed dedication. Presumed dedication refers to a long-established principle that long use (20+ years) of a footpath by the public, without challenge, can constitute evidence that the route was intended to be dedicate as a public right of way. 

Residents have asked us to highlight this route to help keep its access open and urge people who can evidence that the route has been in use for 20+ years to complete a witness evidence form to get it dedicated as a public footpath.   Evidence forms can be obtained here – User Evidence Statement.

Please return any forms to the Parish Council ( by the end of May so that we can assess whether an application should be made to register this path as a right of way