The results of the local government election on 2 May 2019.

Following an uncontested election on 2 May your new Parish Council will be, Councillors:

  • Matt Garrard
  • Martin Goodman
  • Mark Law
  • Tracy Longworth
  • Julian Smith
  • Parma Somal

Your elected Councillors take office from 7 May 2019 and can be contacted through the Parish Council pages of the website.  Thank you to all of those residents who served the community as parish councillors during the previous 4 year term.

Annual Meetings

The Annual meeting of the Council takes place on Wednesday 8 May to elect the Council Chairman and Vice – Chair for the coming year.  The meeting will also focus on the annual reviews of the Council’s corporate governance arrangements – how the Council works.

An Annual Parish Meeting – for all residents – will be held on Wednesday 15 May to find out more about what good work and achievements across Tollerton in 2018-19.