The Parish Council presented its annual report to residents at the Scout Hut on Wednesday 10 May 2023, as part of the Annual Parishioners’ Meeting. 

Residents also received an update on progress developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Tollerton and the next stages of the process.

Read the annual report: Parish Council Annual Report 2022-23



Election of Chairman and Vice-Chair for 2023-24

Following the recent local government elections, Councillors met for the first time at the Annual Council Meeting on Wednesday 10 May 2023. At the meeting Councillors re-elected Matt Garrard to the role of Chairman of the Parish Council and  Claire Dul to be the Vice-Chair of the Parish Council.  

Councillors were also appointed to roles on committees, working groups and outside bodies with Mark Law and Ross Cox appointed as the Parish Council representatives on the Tollerton Flying Club Management Board (Community Pub) for 2023-24.

Peter Foale will continue to lead work on the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan and Alex Ball was appointed to the Personnel Committee. Tracy Longworth will provide professional advice on parish plan projects.

The Council also resolved that it met the prescribed conditions required to use the general power of competence.

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